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City Zone


City Zone consists of two police sub divisions i.e City Sub Division and Secretariat Sub Division and four Police stations i.e PS Kohsar, PS Aabpara, PS Secretariat and PS Bhara Kahu. Zone is supervised by the Superintendent of Police : Sub Divisions are headed by Deputy Superintendent of Police whereas police stations are looked after by Inspectors.


City Zone houses most vital installations of the country including the Parliament house, President and Prime Ministers Houses, Parliament Lodges, Supreme Court of Pakistan, Federal Ministries Offices of United Nations, Embassies, Pakistan Secretariat etc. In addition it encloses the business nerve centers of Islamabad including Islamabad Stock Exchange, Blue Area, Super, Jinnah Super, and Aabpara Markets. Tourists and family resorts like Rawal Lake, Chatter Park, Saidpur Village, Margalla Hills, Lake View Park, Serena Marriott hotels and Shrine of Hazrat Bari Imam (RA) are also situated in its jurisdiction.

Check Points

Check Points continue to be our significant deterring tool against terrorist movements and criminals. Standing at the check points for long hours is definitely a demanding job and our cops are braving freezing temperatures for safety of citizens. We are thankful to IGP for provision of funds for winter clothing and distribution of tea at these points. At the same time all complaints made by citizens regarding unwanted conduct of a Police Officer are duly inquired and strict disciplinary action is taken against defaulters.

Separate Investigation Officer

In City Zone, investigation officers have been earmarked and patrolling duties are assigned to separate officers so that limitations and engagements of one might not disturb the working of other. By this practice, we have ensured that patrolling of the area is never disturbed while investigation officers are engaged in courts/investigation.

Survey/Collection of Information

Survey of all sectors and areas in the zone was carried out. By this process, we have collected valuable information one hand and deterred many criminals on the other. Along with houses, places like Educational Institutions, Security companies, Banks, Filling Stations, Political Offices Wanted Criminals and POs, Larger vehicle parking sites, vehicle show rooms, Hotels and guests rooms, Property Offices and houses on rents, Parks, Places where CCTV cameras are installed, Government Offices, Mosques and Madaris were surveyed by our teams.

Crack Down Against Narcotics and Liquor

City Zone has made deliberate efforts at fighting the menace of narcotics and recovered about 27kg of Hash, 6753 bottles of Liquor and 15kg of heroine in the process.

Preventing Actions and arrest of POs

City Zone has arrested 112 Proclaimed Offenders, 247 Court Absconders and 06 Military deserters last year. They have taken stern preventive action against 892 (@74 per month) suspected persons by arresting them and proceeding against them under provision of section 55/109 and 55/110 CrPC. This has contributed significantly in reducing crime in the city zone. They have taken preventive action against 1029 persons (@86 per month) who threatened to cause a breach of peace by proceeding against them under section 107/150 and 107/151 CrPC. This Zone has arrested 112 persons and recovered 116 illegal weapons thereby preventing numerous offences which theses outlaws could, if left at large, might have committed.