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Technology is a group of entities material and immaterial, created by the application of mental and physical effort in order to achieve some value. In this usage, technology refers to tools and machines that may be used to solve real-world problems. Implementing this rule Electronic Government Directorate initiated a project to facilitate Islamabad Police for its effective operations. Electronic Enablement of Islamabad Police is best implementation of technology getting in the operations of Police system.

E-Enablement of Islamabad Police

The E-Government initiative is an integral part of Federal Cabinet’s approved National IT Policy Action Plan. This plan has evolved over time, benefiting from the contributions of various stakeholders, from the public as well as private sectors. Police being one of the most important entities of Law enforcement agencies was taken as a model for other law enforcement agencies. The idea is to convert the traditional police stations of Pakistan into E-powered police stations which will become a much improved source of service to citizens of Pakistan.

Relationship with the Objectives of sector

This project is directly related to the objectives of Information Technology sector of Government of Pakistan. Objectives of the IT sector of GOP can be broadly categorized as:

  • Providing E-Services to citizens of Pakistan using Information and communication Technology (ICT) as a tool.
  • Basic ICT Infrastructure to Government Organizations to enable them to provide e-services.
  • Improvement in Internal efficiency of Government organizations using ICT.

This project includes provision of basic ICT infrastructure at some specific locations of Islamabad Police. Email collaboration suite, office Productivity suite and customized applications (internal registers) will be provided to boost the internal efficiency of Islamabad Police. Provision of Email collaboration suite and office productivity suite to all the officials of Islamabad Police will enhance their internal working to sort out citizen service oriented issues more efficiently. Various customized applications will be developed under this project to provide services to Islamabad police, like Islamabad Traffic Police and Security Division of Islamabad Police. There are twenty two registers in a police department covering various activities performed by police officials to fulfil their duty. Some of the major registers include FIR, Roznamacha, Daily Diary, Proclaimed Offenders, Lost and Stolen Vehicles, Station Inventory and Stock register etc. Data Entry: System will include automation of these major registers and entry of data in these registers. Data Search: System will also allow extensive and customized searches on the data bases generated because of the automation of these registers.

Specific Applications for Islamabad Traffic Police

Islamabad traffic police has some specific functions.To perform these functions efficiently following applications will be developed:

  • Computer-based testing for driver’s license test
  • Computerization of driver’s/ learner’s license application process
  • Computerization of Challan/Ticketing system
  • Computerization of old records
  • Computerizing selective logs for radio communications

Resource Management Dispatch System for Security Division of Islamabad Police

This system will maintain service record of police officers in Security Division. Police officials in Security Division will be able to make better decisions regarding the placement and tracking of policemen in different regions of Islamabad.

End user Operating Environment

Project involves development of friendly end user environment, which will enable them to make better use of databases developed during the course of the project. There will be two major components for end user operating environment, which are discussed below:

Police Portal

All the customized applications, emails, resource, information and contents provided to the police officers during the course of the project should be accessible through one single portal interface. So the police officers can access all their resource through one single window.

Ability of Mobile Police officers to access police records

Another customized application will be developed, which will enable officers of Islamabad Police to get information regarding criminals or stolen vehicles through their mobile devices.

Information Exchange Gateway

One of the major objectives of the project is to develop an Information Exchange Gateway, which will enable other law enforcement agencies to get required and filtered information from the databases of the police record. Police stations will also be able to acquire specific data from the local databases of other Police stations by using this Information Exchange Gateway.

ERP Solution for Police Headquarter

Project will include provision of ERP (Enterprise Resource planning) solution to the Islamabad Police. ERP solution will be deployed at Islamabad Police Head quarter. Components of this ERP solution will be:

  • Finance, Budgeting and Accounts Management
  • Workflow System
  • Inventory, Stock, Asset and Vehicle Management System
  • Human Resource Management System and Payroll Module
  • Procurement Management Module