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Women Police

Message from SHO Women

"Women Police Station was inaugurated by Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto in 1994. It’s the only station in the district with female staff. We provide necessary security duty and along with other male police stations, we do all police work During the last 14 years since women police station has been established women police has given its services in all the matters of security and duties during police field work . The future of women police is very bright but to become more resourceful, we need to recruit and bring well educated young women to help the women of Islamabad city in distress and suffering."

Launch of Islamabad Women Police

Pakistan is an Islamic country and Islam does not allow men police officer to investigate from women for this purpose Pakistan establish women police stations in Pakistan to avoid the misbehave of men police officer to Pakistani women prisoners. There are large number of cases seen which policemen’s violence against women in police stations. Now Pakistani women are joining Pakistan women police to protect women harassment and violence in police stations. Large number of Pakistani women joins Pakistan women police in all over country. Pakistan police gives training to new Pakistan women police officers join Pakistan women police. Pakistan women police officers in uniform looking very smart. Today female police officers have found their place in Islamabad Police force. There is one specially designated women police station which is situated in the center of capital. It was established in 1994 and now it’s entirely running by the female officers who have been successful in handling cases concerning female felons.

Core Obligations

  • Women police station is opened with a view to pay special attention to crimes against women and more particularly harassment and cruelty against women. They are also intended to inspire confidence and provide free communication by the women victims. The other functions include assistance to police in search, arrest, custody, escort and interrogation of women prisoners or suspects. Contingents of women police are provided in other police stations also with a view to perform the above functions.
  • The records, management and functions of the Women Police Stations are the same as prescribed for L&O Police Stations.
  • The women police station is a part of L&O Police Sub-Division and is under the supervision of the L&O Police SDPO.
  • The SHO of the Women Police Station has all the functions, duties and responsibilities as SHO of an L&O Police Station.
  • The SHO maintains close liaison and coordination with the officials of the women and the child welfare department, non-governmental and voluntary organizations, the officials in charge of State Homes for women, and other authorities specified in the Immoral Traffic Prevention Act and the Juvenile Justice (Care and protection of children) Act.
  • All equipment and facilities including communication etc. as are provided for L&O Police Station are provided to the Women Police Station. Particular attention is to be paid in collecting information and taking security action against persons who indulge in organized trafficking in women and children and those who are likely to commit offences of kidnapping, abduction, and child marriage.
Name of SHO Date From Date To
Farzana Begum 18 April 2015 To Date
Samina Serwar 24 December 2014 18 April 2015
Muhammad Ishfaq 10 December 2013 24 September 2014
Sadaf Basharat 03 Oct 2011 10 December 2013
Parveen Fatima 03 February 2011 03 Oct 2011
Sadaf Basharat 21 Nov 2007 03 February 2011
Saleem Nasir 26 June 2007 21 Nov 2007
Naseem Akhtar 16 December 2006 26 June 2007
Saleem Nasir 16 September 2005 16 December 2006
Nighat Mujtaba 24 September 2004 16 September 2005
Khadija Ahmed 14 April 2004 21 September 2004
Nighat Mujtaba 08 January 2003 14 April 2004
Khadija Ahmed 07 February 2001 08 January 2003
Zahida Parveen 10 June 2000 07 February 2001
Nighat Mujtaba 24 July 1999 10 June 2000
Zahida Parveen 16 February 1999 24 July 1999
Nighat Mujtaba 09 December 1997 16 February 1999
Zahida Parveen 10 November 1997 09 December 1997
Maryam Saif 01 March 1997 10 November 1997
Zahida Parveen 19 August 1996 23 February 1993
Maryam Saif 15 June 1994 19 August 1996

Precautions of Arresting Women's

  • While making arrest of a woman submission to custody should be presumed unless circumstances to the contrary exist. There should be no occasion for a male Police Officer to touch her person. It is therefore advisable whenever it is proposed to arrest a female, women police should be employed.
  • Arrest of women should as far as possible during night times be avoided unless it is inevitable.
  • Bail may be granted where the offence for which the arrest is made is not of a serious nature. The SHO may exercise his discretion in non-bail able offences to release a woman arrestee on bail.
  • Whenever a woman is arrested, the services of women Police Officers should be utilized for guarding and escorting her. When interrogation of the arrested woman is done by a male Police Officer the relation or woman Police Officer should be present. If a Woman Police Officer herself is conducting the interrogation, the presence of a woman relative may not be necessary.
  • The existence of women police stations does not absolve the police as a whole of its duties in this respect. There is no bar either to post men police officers to women police stations, except that it is necessary, that more women police officers than men are posted in those units.