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Islamabad Police

Reforms in ICT Police

Police reforms are always needed in the wake of new technologies, new challenges, new socio-political developments, and of course, with the rising public expectations for enhanced security, effective crime prevention strategies, and with the demand for an efficient, honest, accountable, professional, responsive and public friendly police. The need was always there in the history of the police, which continued down through the ages and obviously, will remain in future till the time we have the police as a first respondent to crimes and the only prime responding agency in any civil society for crime prevention and investigation.

ICT Police is strongly of the view that; Reforms in Police Stations, Supervisory Offices and Central Police Office are interlinked; bringing reforms at Police Station level will not meet the expectations of public.

For reforms in Police working, we have to understand what the expectations of citizens from Police are and how to address them:

Establishment of Model Police Stations

To address the expectations of citizens and to re-build soft image of Police, we have to segregate Core Policing and Non-Core Police work. Police Stations after necessary automation, upgradation of infrastructure/ facilities and adoption of latest gadgets and technologies may focus on hard core policing e.g Prevention, Investigation and Detection of Crime, whereas for Non-Core Police Work related to citizen services, dedicated separate state of the art facilities may be established outside Police Stations. To achieve this; ICT Police has initiated a program of Conversion of Traditional Police stations into e-powered Model Police Stations

• Program aims to initiate reforms in following areas:
• Change Culture – Police: Public interface
• Police Management Systems with E-Governance
• Trainings of Police Officials
• Investigation methodology
• Human Resource Management
• Police Image Building

ICT Police committed to improve in efficiency and performance of Police force in core Police work by making necessary BPR (Business Process Reengineering) in As-is Model and adopting latest technologies/automation of processes and development of modern infrastructure at Police Stations. Dignified Help Desks at MPS A dignified front desk will establish in every Model Police Station. The desk will be work as reception/ welcome desk for citizen coming in for their matters to MPS. The desk will be IT enabled and connected with back office functions through online MIS.

Few functions of the desk are given below:

o Registration of complaint & issuance of computerized receipt
o Auto generated SMS to visiting citizens
o Registration in citizen feedback system for future reference and tracking
o Call Centre Services
o Time bound disposal of all complaints
o Automated queries to be generated by supervisors if complaints are not disposed off (24 hours for SHO, 48 hours for SDPO, 7 days for SP or SSP, DIG and IGP)
o Central Database – Dash Board for Monitoring

Citizens Facilitation Centers

second part of the reforms is purely related to delivery of Police related services to Citizens with ease under one roof in comfortable environment. This will not only help in changing the perception of citizens towards Police, as well as empowered the citizens by providing easy access into Police services. This also bringing transparency in processes by making processes computerized.
There are multiple departments/sections in the Police department, which are involved in the provision of services to citizen. Each of the section/branch is providing one or more services using a different set of processes, which may be automated, or manual. The current system for provision of services by each of the individual department/section to the citizens has lots of problems and the general public is not satisfied due to one or more of the following reasons: Complicated Procedures

• Long Queues
• Multiple Visits Needed
• Outcome is in Suspense
• Gatekeepers
• Poor Quality
• Mercy - not a right
• Intermediaries, shortcuts
• Uncomfortable environment
• Outdated techniques
• Heavy loaded Police Stations
• Inaccessible/ incompetent staff

Business Processes Automation

Under Development


Under Development

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