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Islamabad Police

Islamabad Model Traffic Police


Islamabad Model Traffic Police was established on 28th January 2006 and formally inaugurated by the then Prime Minister of Pakistan


To maintain smooth flow of traffic, educating and helping the road users by ensuring equal application of rule of law with zero tolerance


To make the Traffic system a model of excellence in the Capital

ITP Zones

Traffic Violation Codes

Traffic Rules

    The minimum driving age for any motor vehicle is 18 years
  • Driving under influence of drugs or alcohol is forbidden
  • Changing lane or turning without giving proper signal is prohibited
  • It is not permitted to stop on zebra crossing
  • Drivers must yield the right-of-way to pedestrians
  • The rider and passenger on a motorcycle, scooter, and moped must wear an approved safety helmet
  • Drivers are not permitted to drive under the influence of drugs or medicines
  • All vehicles under the control of learner must display L-plates
  • Driver and all passengers from the front and rear seats must wear seat belts
  • It is illegal to use of a hand-held telephone or microphone while driving
  • When someone has stepped on to a pedestrian crossing, drivers must give way
  • Slow moving vehicles must keep to the left of the road
  • It is not permitted to turn left from the right lane and right from the left lane
  • When reaching the roundabout, drivers must give way to traffic on their right
  • Drivers must not use their horns in built up areas from 23:30 (11.30 p.m.) to 7:00 (7.00 a.m.) in a built up area
  • Parking also is not permitted:
    • by yellow lines along the edge of the carriageway
    • on a footpath, pavement or cycle track
    • at or near a bus stop or taxi rank
    • at level crossing
    • near a school entrance
    • within 10 metres (32 ft) of a intersection
    • except in an authorised parking space
    • near the brow of a hill or hump bridge
    • on the slip-road and the hard shoulder
    • in front of the entrance to a property

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