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Islamabad Police

Safe City

Safe City Project

Safe City Project was envisioned to introduce Technology led policing to make the security of Capital City as a model of excellence. Under the project, Intelligence Video Surveillance and Vehicle Management System Cameras are installed in ICT with Automatic Number Plate Recognition facility

Aid in Criminal Investigations

ICTP is benefiting from the Safe City Project in criminal investigations

Traffic Management

Safe City Project is contributing a lot in traffic regulations

Implementation of a New Patrolling Plan

Rescue-15 operations are being successfully integrated with the Safe City. A new comprehensive patrolling plan has been implemented with the aim to improve the outreach of ICTP and reduce the response time- which has been effectively brought down to 5 to 7 minutes. This plan also incorporates newly inducted double cabin vehicles which are performing duties with regards to crime prevention and traffic regulation in selected beats.

Tracing down Criminal Cases

Safe City project has enabled ICTP to trace down criminal cases as well as by giving timely information to police and to respond

Field surveillance Cars

Acts as a mobile command and control center for live field surveillance

Establishment of a Situation Room

Situation rooms have been established at Safe City building and IGPs office to monitor and respond to specific situation in real time

Digital Forensic Laboratory

A digital forensic laboratory has been planned in order to carry out intelligent video analysis
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