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358 criminals held, looted items worth Rs. 53.791 million recovered during last fortnight


ISLAMABAD, March 18, 2018: Islamabad police have arrested 358 outlaws during the last 15 days including 18 dacoits and 108 absconders besided recovering looted items worth Rs. 53.791 million from them, a police spokesman said on Sunday. He said that Senior Superintendent of Police (Operations) Najeeb ur Rehman Bugvi directed all police officials to accelerate efforts against anti-social elements and ensure their arrest. Following his directions, renewed efforts were made and police achieved remarkable success. Owing these efforts, eight dacoity/robbery cases were traced and 18 persons were arrested besides recovery of looted items worth Rs. 1.033 million from them. Police have also nabbed 24 culprits in 14 cases of street crime and theft and recovered looted items worth 23.788 millions. Likewise, police initiated crackdown against those involved in drug pushing activities. Police nabbed 60 drug pushers and recovered 14.077 kilogram hashish, 1120 gram heroin and 2557 wine bottles from them respectively. Eighteen persons were held for their involvement in car lifting/tempering of vehicles, motor cycle theft and recovered car and motorcycles worth Rs. 24.17 million from them. Police also recovered 97 bikes during the current week worth more than Rs. 4.8 million which were found stolen from various areas of Islamabad, Rawalpindi and districts of Punjab. Investigation on 237 cases were completed and their challans were submitted in relevant courts. Police also arrested 54 persons for having illegal weapons and recovered three kalashnikovs, 51 pistols and 416 rounds from them. Legal action was taken against 204 beggars. In all, 29 search operations were conducted in various areas of the city and 71 suspects were also held besides recovery of weapons and ammunition from them. Two blind murders cases were traced and four persons involved in these case were nabbed during the reporting period. Cases have been registered against these accused at various police stations. SSP Islamabad Najeeb ur Rehman Bugvi has said that such elements would not to be tolerated anywhere and appealed to citizens to inform social media cell of Islamabad police in case of any such activity s around them. He said that activities of criminal’s elements would not be tolerated and those involved in such acts would have to face action as per law.