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slamabad Police have worked out a mechanism to deal with complaints related to non-registration of First Information Reports (FIRs) and matters related to non-performance of responsibilities and duties by policemen. As per orders passed by National Judicial Committee, a police source Friday said an addition superintendent of police Islamabad was designated as superintendent of police (SP) Complaints to deal with applications for non-registration of FIRs under Section 22-A Code of Criminal Procedure till the time the post is sanctioned by the competent authority. He said a case for sanctioning the post of SP Complaints along with staff has already been initiated. However, the application for registration of FIRs shall be processed through various steps. In case of complaints of non-registration of FIR and matters related to non-performance of functions and duties of police from the offices of station house officer, sub-divisional police officer, Zonal SP, the aggrieved person approaching the office of SP Complaints will submit a written application duly supported by an affidavit and other material/evidence. The SP Complaints will act on such applications and record the application in the Police Complaints Redressal System and generate e-record of the complaint. He will call the applicant and the accused and, if needed, personally hear both parties. The SP (Complaints) will decide the application within seven days positively through a speaking order spelling out the reasons as per Section 24-A of the General Clauses Act. The source said he will supply a copy of the order to both parties, if the complaint is fund to be cognizable, the SP Complaints shall ensure registration of FIR forthwith. If the complaint is found to be non-cognizable, the same shall be mentioned in the speaking order. If the complaint is found to be false, directions will be issued to initiate necessary legal action under the relevant law (Section/Pakistan Penal Code), the source maintained. The deputy inspector general operations Islamabad shall supervise the working of SP Complaints and will ensure compliance of this order in letter and spirit. Monthly report of complaints will be submitted to the assistant inspector general Establishment during first week of every month.