Safe City Islamabad is a security and surveillance sysytem implemented in Islamabad Capital Territory city of Pakistan. We aim to enhance public safety to improve police operations and leverage technology to ensure maintain the overall law and order of Islamabad. We achieve a far mentioned objective by utilizing state of the art surveillance technology and preparing data analysis to prevent Islamabad and respond to different calls relevant to crime, traffic management and investigating of criminal offenses. By the June of 2023, our network consists of 2500+ High definitions HD cameras, Intelligence Video Surveillance System and high tech gadgetry placed at differnent strategic locations of Islamabad


  • 1.  Provide Technical Assistance in Criminal Investigations
  • 2.  Monitoring and Regulating Traffic on the Road of Islamabad
  • 3. Maintaining Intelligent Video Surveillance in the Islamabad
  • 4. Plan And Monitore 4G/Multimedia Trunking Solution
  • 5. Host Police Analysis Center to Analyze Crimes
  • 6.Monitor Legacy Communication Center of Islamabad Capital    Territory Police
  • 7.Utilize Vehicle Management System to Track Suspicious     Vehicles
  • 8.  Maintaining Data Hub
  • 9.  Host Emergency Call Center
  • 10. Host Police Operations Center