Police Operation Centre (POC)

Police Operations Center serves as a nerve of a Safe City project, it hosts call agents dipathers, and trains personnel to monitor the live video feeds from the surveillance camera. 15 calls received by the call agents which are dispatched by the dipather to concerned authorities in order to respond to crime incidence and law and order situations. It is equipped with advanced video analytics capabilities to detect and alert operators about threat, traffic violation or any other suspicious activity. The system is incompatible with License plates recognition system to automatically detect and track the stolen, black listed and suspicious vehicles.

Intelligent Video Surveillance

Video surveillance system is composed by cameras, network, and video management system etc. It plays an important role in the security system. Cooperated with intelligent analysis, it is useful in preventing the case before it happens, deals with the case when it is happening, and analyzes after it happened.

Police Analysis Centre (PAC)

Police Analysis Centre (PAC) is a vital component of modern law enforcement, serving as a centralized hub for gathering, analyzing, and disseminating crucial information to support police operations and investigations. PAC employs advanced technological tools and skilled analysts who sift through vast amounts of data, including crime reports, intelligence inputs, surveillance footage, and social media feeds, to extract valuable insights and patterns.

Safer Islamabad through Smart Cars

State of the art smart cars designed for the purpose of on-the-spot surveillance of sensitive installations, VVIP routes and law & order venues where installed-camera-coverage is not available.

Surveillance through Drone Technology

Police drone technology has revolutionized surveillance capabilities, enhancing law enforcement agencies' ability to monitor and protect communities. Drones equipped with high-resolution cameras and advanced sensors provide an aerial vantage point, allowing for real-time monitoring of large areas, crime scenes, and public events. This technology enables law enforcement to quickly assess situations, gather valuable visual evidence, and enhance situational awareness. Police drones are particularly useful in search and rescue operations, traffic monitoring, and crowd management, as they can cover vast areas efficiently and identify potential threats or emergencies.

Digital Forensic Laboratory

Islamabad Police Digital Forensic Laboratory is a cutting-edge facility that plays a crucial role in modern law enforcement practices. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and staffed by skilled forensic experts, the laboratory specializes in the extraction, analysis, and interpretation of digital evidence for criminal investigations. It is responsible for examining various electronic devices, such as computers, smartphones, and storage media, to uncover digital footprints and traces that can be crucial in solving crimes. The laboratory employs advanced forensic software and tools to recover deleted files, decrypt encrypted data, and analyze digital communications, providing valuable insights into criminal activities.


1. IGP Complaint Number: 1715
2. Emergency Number: 15
3. Fire Brigade Number: 16
3. Gender Protection Unit: 8090
4. Rescue Service Number: 1122
5. PIMS Hospital Number: 051-9261170
6. Polyclinic Hospital Number: 051-9214965

Prevented Crime through Eagle Squad

Islamabad Police Eagle Squad is an elite unit within the Islamabad Police force that specializes in maintaining law and order, ensuring public safety, and combating crime in the capital city of Islamabad. Composed of highly trained and skilled officers, the Eagle Squad is known for its swift response and proactive approach in tackling various challenges. The squad is equipped with state-of-the-art vehicles, advanced communication systems, and specialized weaponry to effectively carry out their operations.

Vehicle Management System

Based on video and OCR technology, Vehicle Management System recognizes the license plate number of the passing vehicle. It is useful in catching the illegal vehicle, blacklist vehicle and lost vehicle etc. It provides the snapshot as the evidence in such cases.

Information Technology Department

IT department plays a critical role in the establishment and maintenance of a safe city infrastructure. With their expertise in information technology and network systems, the IT department is responsible for implementing and managing various technological solutions that enhance public safety. They oversee the installation and maintenance of surveillance cameras, sensor networks, and other monitoring devices, ensuring their seamless integration and functionality. Additionally, the IT department handles the collection, storage, and analysis of vast amounts of data generated by these systems, enabling real-time monitoring and timely response to incidents.