Safe City Islamabad objective is to integrate the latest technologies and services under one platform.That helps us on operational solution that we delivers. We have Modern infrastructure to provide real time data and information. The idea is to make this data useful for individuals, local communities and local administration to identify factors that cause behavior that leads to violence and work on strategies for solutions.

Implementation of a New Patrolling Plan

Calls received by the call agents are dispatched by the dispatcher to the concerned authorities in order to respond to crime incidents and maintain law and order situations. The operations of Rescue-15 have been successfully integrated with the Safe City system. Additionally, a new comprehensive patrolling plan has been implemented with the aim to improve the outreach of ICTP and reduce the response time, which has effectively been brought down to 5 to 7 minutes.

Integrations of Services

Services helps in collecting & analyzing case information, decision making, cooperating with different departments and commanding them to deal with the emergency cases. It is also be used as a public service platform to response the citizen request.

  • 1.  Criminal investigations
  • 2.  Crime Mapping
  • 3.  Traffic Management
  • 4.  Intelligent Video Surveillance

Tracing Down Criminals

Safe City project has enabled ICTP to trace down criminal and criminal cases as well as by giving timely information to police and to respond in efficent manners.