Keeping in view the importance of crime detection, ICT police has reorganized the Investigation Wing to bring efficiency, transparency, professionalism and timely disposal of the cases. An entire new hierarchy of Investigation has been raised which was nonexistent so far. With no investigation wing, cases were being neglected as Operations Wing was too busy in law and order duties and resultantly, people were suffering. Islamabad Police strongly believes that best crime prevention is through detection. Experienced and dedicated officers have been deputed to improve the performance and quality of investigation.

• Capacity Building Courses for Investigation Officers from National Forensic Science Agency.
• NFSA services for the forensics of Crime Scene.
• Funds allocation for investigation.
• Established Monitoring & Evaluation system
Established Data Base of CRO & Fingerprints card

As a result of hectic efforts of both Investigation and Operations Wings over the last two months, Islamabad police has been able to bust scores of gangs involved in crime in Islamabad. Chasing criminals in and out of Islamabad as far as Peshawar, Mardan, Charsadda, Attock and various far flung districts of Punjab have yielded positive results which are extremely encouraging. Arresting more than 169 accused and consigning them to prison has also had a positive impact on the crime situation of Islamabad. A number of stolen cars/bikes as well as jewelry and cash have been recovered and returned to the victims in a graceful ceremony who were all so grateful to Islamabad Police.