Police khidmat Markaz Centers Details

S.No Facilitation Centers Phone No Services Offered
1 Police khidmat Markaz , F-6/1
(Timing: Mon To Saturday, 07:30AM To 03:30PM
Break: 01:30PM To 02:00PM
Friday Break: (01:30PM To 02:30PM)
E-mail: islamabad.psc@gmail.com
1- Character Certificate
2- General Police Verification
3- Tenant Registration
4- Missing/Lost Report
5- Foreigner Registration
6- Volunteer Registration
7- Servant Registration
8- Copy of FIR
9- Vehicle Verification
Note: Vehicle Verification Service is available
only at Facilitation Center, F-6
2 Police khidmat Markaz , H-11
(Timing: Mon To Sunday, From 08:00AM To 04:00PM
Break: 01:30PM To 02:30PM
Friday Break: (01:00PM To 02:30PM)
3 Police khidmat Markaz , Banigala 0300-7980325
4 Police khidmat Markaz , Khanna
5 Police khidmat Markaz , G-14 0303-5178281
6 Police khidmat Counter , PIMS
7 Police khidmat Counter , Poly Clinic
Mobile Facilitation Center