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Islamabad Police

It is a field office for emergency services, which is integrated with central command and control center of Safe City for technological assistance and emergency services.

Mission Statement

“Our mission is to get the confidence of fellow citizens and to inculcate in their minds the spirit of public friendly policing with community participation”. Realizing the need of the day, Islamabad Police has introduced Pucar 15 project for the convenience of the public. This project is on the lines similar to Rescue services implemented around the world. It is equipped with all modern communication gadgets and Rescue facilities. Entire expenditure for its establishment was incurred by the philanthropist organization and therefore no extra burden was levied on Government exchequer.


  • Rapid Response
  • Emergency Help
  • Sense of Security
  • Crime Control
  • Social Service
  • Community Participation

24 Hours Help Line

This is the most important section, where people make phone calls in an emergency. This section is responsible for getting full information of the incident / emergency and passing on the directions to the concerned staff through wireless communication section. An average of 6000 to 8000 calls are received in the center. 80% to 90% calls pertain to general information.

Emergency Help

The center caters all types of emergencies including medical, fire, major power and gas breakdown, etc. Police Officers personally attend to cases of robbery, accidents, hooliganism, while for the rest they coordinate with the departments concerned. On receipt of information, police mobiles reach on the spot within 05 minutes. There are 10 emergency help line numbers, which are working round the clock.

Theft Reporting Counter

If a complainant is facing any problem in registration of first information report (FIR) in the respective Police Station regarding any incident, complaint can be lodged in the Rescue Centre at any time. Thus, a copy of the FIR is provided to the complainant within 24 hours.

Vehicle Verification Section

This unit is responsible for verification of record of suspected and stolen vehicles and issues clearance certificate of verified vehicles to the applicants

Child Lost Found Centre

This center coordinates with social workers/departments (such as Edhi etc.) for missing persons and loss or finding of children.

Medical Unit

In case of medical emergency, this center coordinates and helps in arranging ambulance service, providing emergency lifesaving drugs, and shifting of patients to hospitals. In this unit, there are 3 doctors, 6 Para medical staff and 2 ambulances with first aid equipment. The doctors provide first aid guidance on telephone in case of emergency. They also accompany ambulance on requirement basis.

Blood Donor’s Directory

This center has a comprehensive directory of blood donors of Islamabad. Whenever any member of the blood donors club requires blood, he or she is immediately put to the nearest donor member of the same blood group.

Security Alarm System

In order to introduce the culture of modern security gadgets in houses and business centers, this center is giving a backup facility to the security companies through linking up their system with Rescue-15.

Legal Advice

The supervisors of the center are law graduates. They help the public by extending free legal advice on police related legal issues

Security Information Service

This center provides information/guidance on security matters and also works as Coordination Centre for 'Safe Home Scheme' and ‘Car Safety Plan'.

Duty Officer

The officer is responsible for attending public, visiting the center by providing necessary information. He is also authorized to register complaints.

Mobile Forensic Lab

This mobile unit comprises Crime Scene Officer (CSO). Mobile Forensic Lab is responsible for cordoning Crime Scene Area and to preserve and collect physical evidence available on the spot. It passes the information to Forensic Lab and Criminal Investigation Unit (CIU) of police station. The staff is imparted special training from police college Sihala.

Mobile Unit

The urban area of Federal Capital Islamabad has been divided into 23 beats, with specific areas of responsibility. In every beat, there is either one patrol car or pair of 2 motorcycles. The beat officers are fully conversant with the geography of the locality, thus, response, is given within 5 minutes time. There are standing instructions that in case of a call, if there is no other emergency, the adjacent patrol car or the motorcycle riders have to reach on the place of call. The mobile staff during shift is directed to visit the business centers and residential quarters to brief the public on security matters. They have also been motivated to do some social work like helping the children and aged in crossing the roads, assisting the commuters in case of breakdown of their vehicles and other such activities. They have to submit their daily performance reports about the social work done during the shift. The officer showing outstanding performance of duty during a month is declared as “the best cop of the month” and is awarded cash prize for motivation and encouragement.

Admin Section

This section is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of transport, equipment and supervision of personnel on duties.

Armed Response Unit

The armed response unit comprises well trained snipers. It remains static at fixed points and moves only on the directions of the DSP In charge and Addl. SP to foil serious incidents of encounters / firing.

Miscellaneous Facilities

The center has also one recovery vehicle, which can be used in case of breakdown of vehicles on the road. This service is available on payment. Similarly, the center has a Mobile Forensic Lab and Bomb Disposal Squad, which can provide technical assistance in case of any requirement.

Man Power

Staff employed in the center is on volunteer basis, which is selected from the entire lot on the basis of their dedication and motivation. They are well trained in rescue operations, sniper firing and first-aid help.

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